Style Any Room with Accent Pillows

Picture a bare room. The curve or clean lines of its cornice and doorjambs and the wall color defines its form. Furniture pieces introduce structure, lighting gives depth, and soft furnishings add texture. An “essential extra” that can influence all the above are custom pillows. With its infinite range of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures, custom pillows enhance a room’s overall ambiance.

How Do We Use Custom Pillows? Let Me Count the Ways.

Decorative, functional, and portable, custom pillows can be moved around in a home to change the look of any room.

  • A minimalist, working room can double as a family room when warm-colored, homey custom pillows are added.
  • Starting out in a small studio unit? Use extra large firm and soft pairings instead of seats to give a Bohemian feel.
  • In bright splashes of color, they liven up an otherwise drably painted room.
  • By choosing neutral shades, they tone down curtains with overly bright colored material.
  • Partnered with complementing sofa upholstery, they can eliminate having to buy expensive carpeting. In plainer shades, they will not clash with an existing colorful rug.
  • The front or back porch swing turns truly comforting with warm fluffy bolster pillows.
  • Grandma’s daybed set by the living room window to take in the morning sun is made both cheerful and decorative with floral-patterned lumbar pillows.
  • A bay window transforms into a cozy reading nook with a folded duvet cover and an assortment of bolster, square, and round pillows.
  • Pick boudoir pillows with frilled edges to cap your teenage daughter’s girly bedroom design.
  • A manly game room is enhanced by dark colored pillows with soccer, football, baseball, hockey, or basketball team names.
  • An outdoor patio, pergola, or gazebo can be completely furnished with just one large sofa or two seats in weatherproof material and matching custom pillows.

Select long-wearing and reasonably firm stuffing to optimize the life of this handy home décor item. Removable, washable cover sheets will lower the frequency of pillow washing. Having removable sheets also means that it is entirely possible to change a room’s look by getting new removable pillow covers. Depending on where you primarily want to put them, custom pillows need to be firm enough to give some back support, malleable enough to plop into place, and soft-but-full enough to actually hug. In its hug ability lies the ultimate edge of the custom pillow over any other home decoration. 

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