Cellular shades are one of the most energy efficient window treatments. They are the perfect blend of form and function. Fabric is made into honeycomb cells which form an energy efficient barrier that keeps warm and cool air from escaping. The result is a more comfortable room with a stable temperature year round.

cellular shades

Cellular Shade Cell Sizes

Cellular shades come in a variety of cell sizes ranging from 3/8” to ¾”. The smaller size cells look nicer in smaller windows. They can also accommodate a window with a narrower width, that a large cell could not fit into. This size cellular shade will look nice in a bathroom or kitchen window. Midsize cell sizes of ½” and 9/16” are the most popular sizes and work well in most windows. Here you will find the largest variety of lift options such as cordless and top down, bottom up, as well as light filtering options like a blackout. The larger sizes ¾” work well in very large windows. This size cellular blind works with designs.

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Celluar Shades In Nursery

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