7 Essential Tips for Decorating a Small Room

Not everyone is blessed with spacious echoed hallways, expansive hallways with 30 foot dining tables or master bedrooms with a super size four poster bed. Most of us have to settle with small, cramped apartments. Here are some crucial secrets to decorating to get the most out of any small space.

Bright Natural Colors

The key is to keep to softer hues and avoid a dark satanic color scheme which overwhelms and encompasses. A delightful light natural color scheme which runs throughout the house, allows for the illusion of gracious flow.

More Mirrors

Hang many mirrors of many different sizes on blank featureless walls. The mirrors trick the brain into thinking the room is double the size it is, like an optical illusion. A mirror also reflects essential light to bring brightness, as well as cures your need for vanity.

Hangs Drapes and Curtains Higher

Another trick of the eye is to craftily raise curtains closer to the ceiling. This makes the ceiling seem higher ceilings and the room taller. Also try elongating the curtain rod a few inches either side of the window to make the window appear wider, as well as allow more light to flow in.

Allow Windows to do Their Job

Similar to the tip above, where possible keep your windows clear of clutter. You need to get as much juicy light into your cramped space. Avoid stacking on window shelves or putting large items in window alcoves. Be brave and sacrifice privacy where you can to encourage more external natural light for most of the day.

Build Upward Instead of Outward

Take shelving and box units and build on top of them like a mini high-rise for your stuff. Find walls with no purpose and layer to the ceiling. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that you can fit most of your clutter up one wall, saving floor and cupboard storage for other essential gear. Remember to store often used stuff at a reachable level.

Hide and Fold Out

Most of the time the furniture you have on open display is not needed. So why have it taking up precious space on the dance floor? Build a fold out desk into cupboard, a table into an alcove or a bed into a wardrobe. The massive amount of floor space saved will improve your cat swinging abilities.

Clear Glass Instead of Frosted

Choose clear glass shower screens over frosted ones to create an open space. A frosted shower screen acts as an unnecessary divide and makes the room smaller. Unless you shower in public bathrooms, a frosted screen is quite irrelevant anyway.

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