4 Quick Pops of Color

Are you bored with your existing space? Does it have little or no life, and is screaming for some decorating? Whether it is your home, an office, or an entryway, adding a pop of color is a sure way to add life to the space. Many people overuse neutral colors in their home to keep it safe. Being timid with color is a well-known design dilemma. If you would like to brighten your space, I will show you 4 quick ways to add a pop of color that will liven any space.

chiang mai dragon black throw pillow

Decorate your space with Colorful Pillows

Adding a few decorative pillows to a space is a great way to throw punches of colors into the room. In your bedroom, you can add three square throw pillows to your bed in a bright solid color. Then add a longer lumbar in front of them in a coordinating print for the final punch of color. This works well if you have a white or neutral color comforter such as grey or tan. In your living or dining area, colorful pillows will add interest to a neutral sofa. Depending on the size of the sofa will determine how many pillows you will need. For smaller sofas, two standard throw pillows and one lumbar will look great. For larger sofas, five to six standard pillows with one to two lumbar pillows will be needed. Make sure to have a mix of solid and prints for the best display of color.

Add Color to Your Space with Flowers

Floral arrangements are another great option to quickly change up color in your space.  Fresh cuts of flowers in a decorative vase will work great in your dining room, living room, bedroom and your kitchen area. Add a vase of flowers to your kitchen table, or bedroom end table. With fresh flowers, you will be able to change the color in the room every 2 weeks, or as long as your flowers stay fresh. You can also use silk flowers to make beautiful arrangements. This is a great cost-effective option as they will be no need to replace them frequently.

area rugs - pop of color

Add Color to Your Space with Area Rugs

Area rugs are available in so many beautiful and color options. You have endless choices in this area. Depending on your style, you can find fresh modern prints, contemporary geometric prints, traditional paisley styles and beautiful Persian rugs. Even if the thought of colorful prints frightens you, you can find many beautiful sold color rugs that will add a great punch of color to your space. Coordinate the rug with the existing pieces in the room. An example is if you have a grey sofa, a nice grey, white, and yellow rug will add some instant spice.

Abstract Art Adds Color to Your Space

Abstract art pieces are a very popular way to add color and interest into your space. Many designers select an original abstract art piece and design an entire room around it. Abstract art is unique as it encompasses many colors to tell a story. You can find many pieces in almost any color and multiple colors that will work any your space. Another great feature with art pieces is the various sizes the canvas or prints are available in. You are sure to find something to fit into your individual space.

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