Decorating Your Teens Room

When decorating your home, one of the best rooms to decorate will be your teenager’s room. Most likely, your teen’s room has not been decorated since they were small children. There will be plenty of fun updates that will transform this room from a small child’s room to a fun space your teen will love to spend their time in. As a bonus, it is a great way to bond with your ever-changing teen.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Teen Room

Painting Your Teens Room

Let’s first start by changing the color of the walls. This is a great way to make the entire room look different. A simple paint of color can change the room from kiddie to teen. If you want a style that represents peace and brings a calm vibe, use light colors. Eggshell, white, or a matte ivory are a great color palette to start with. You can also find soft neutral tones of bolder colors, like light purples and pale blues. All these colors will be very calming. If your teen would like to see a bit more color, you can add an accent wall to add a burst of color. Here you can go with a bolder shade like red, black, or orange. An accent wall is a great way to compromise with the neutral look you may prefer and the bolder color your teen may wish to see.   

Decorating your teens room

Furniture suitable for teenagers

The furniture should be comfortable. Bedding with storage at the bottom is a nice way to add additional storage without adding extra pieces of furniture. An end table next to the bed with a lamp for late-night reading is also an option. If space allows, you can add a desk and chair where homework and studying can be done. This is also a great spot to store your teens’ laptop. A soft down cushion couch is not only trendy, but it can also become your teen’s favorite reading spot. Another great piece would be an animal print trunk at the foot of the bed. This can double as storage for shoes, bedding, DVDs, or anything that your teenager usually leaves thrown around in his or her room. 

Window Treatments

Window treatments are another way to spruce up your teenagers’ room. Modern roman shades are very popular with kids and teens. You can find some nice neutrals and vivid patterns to complement the room. Blackout drapes are another great addition to any bedroom, including a teen. Not only will your teen thank you for being able to sleep longer in the morning by avoiding the morning sun, you will also be thankful as blackout drapes are extremely energy efficient. 


To finish off the room, add some nice décor accents. Abstract art is a great opportunity to add some color to space. There are also nice black and white art pieces that have sleek gold frames. This is suitable for a more modern look. Fresh down alternative comforters and blankets along with cute trendy pillows will finish the bedding. Use all these elements to help you transform and decorate your teens room.

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