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Custom Fabric Shades


Fabric shades are a stylish and functional window treatment.  They can be created with beautiful fabrics and become the focal point of the window.  They provide a more streamlined appearance in comparison to drapes. However, they are also paired well with drapery panels when laying window treatments.  Shades are the perfect window treatment when you have limited space, or just prefer a more modern look.  We have a nice variety of custom roman shades that will work well an any room.



Custom Roman Shades



Our custom roman shades are available as both a flat shade or relaxed roman shade.  With modern decor on the rise, the flat roman shade is the perfect window treatment to finish your space.  The shade is tailored and constructed to where it will raise evenly when raised.  These are the simplest of the fabric shades.   The relaxed roman shade has a more relaxed look and when raised keeps a curve to the bottom of the shade. These shades are best used for style and when the main goal is to control light.  


Austrian or shirred shades are formal and less functional.  They are made from soft pliable fabrics.  When raised they continue to keep the shirred look and are absolutely stunning.  The balloon shades are among one of our best selling fabric shades.  There are permanent poufs sewn into the bottom of the shade.  When raised, this shade continues to display a poufy appearance which is quite stunning.