Types of Plantation Shutter Styles

There are many types of plantation shutter styles. Indoor plantation shutters are a very popular style. They can be viewed in many homes here in New Orleans, as they are a deep part of the city’s heritage. Shutters are made from both wood and composite, or faux wood materials. This allows for an option in almost any home. There are a few shutter styles, and we will look at a few of the most popular.

Full Shutters

Full shutters are more traditional shutters that cover the entire window. This style works great on tall windows. Full shutters can be made in the most versatile ways, such as a full panel, bi-panels or even triple panels, depending on the width of the window.

Indoor Plantation Shutters - Types of plantation shutter styles

Café Shutter

Café shutters are a full set of shutters that are created to fit the bottom portion of a window. This unique style is great for privacy at the bottom of your window while allowing tons of fresh sunshine from the top portion of the window. This style will work well in any room but is extremely popular in kitchens and living areas.

Tier on Tier Shutters

This style consists of two sets of shutters stacked on top of each other. They cover the entire window. This style will resemble to look of a full shutter, but will function more like a café shutter, as each set of shutters can be open independently. This will allow privacy at the top or the bottom whenever you choose. 

.Arched Plantation Shutters

Arched Plantation Shutters

There are many specialty shapes windows. Arched plantation shutters will work on eyebrow arched windows or full arched windows. The bottom of this shutter is made like a full set of shutters, while the top of the shutter will cover the curves of the arched window. This shutter is custom made to the window for a perfect fit.

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