5 Basic Components of Drapery Hardware

It is no question that when you choose to put custom window treatments into your home, you are making an investment.  However, some people do not realize that you need to also make an investment with your drapery hardware as well.  Insufficient hardware will be flimsy.  Furthermore, they will not support the weight of custom window treatments.  In addition, you have a wide array of options when you select custom drapery hardware.  Lets discuss the basics that are needed when selecting drapery hardware.

Drapery Rods:

Drapery rods, also called curtain rods, is the pole that is used to hold the curtains.  Rods come in a variety of diameters to suit your decor style.  More modern designs are using 1/2″ to 1″ curtain rods. Traditional designs use anywhere from 1 3/8″ to 2 1/4″ rods.  While people preferring a more high end luxury look, tend to opt for 3″ drapery rods.  You can purchase poles in metal, steel, aluminum, and wood.

Paris Texas Hardware Finial


Finials is to drapery hardware, like icing is to cake.  They are decorative ornaments that are placed on the end of the curtain rod.  This is where you can add your unique style and personal taste.  There are numerous designs that cater to everyone individual taste.  You can find glass or crystal finials for a luxury decor.  There are popular designs like fleur de lis, acorns, and even birds.  Simple designs are available as well from balls to small end caps.  Finials are not just a decorative finish, rather they actual serve the purpose of keeping the drapery rings from falling off of the rods.


In order to hold the curtain rod on the wall you will need brackets.  Brackets come in basic designs, however there are some decorative designs available.  Different projections are available, depending on how far you will need the curtains to stick out from the wall.  Double brackets are available for layering window treatments.  The rule of thumb is to have one bracket for every four feet of drapery rod.


Rings are needed to hand pleated drapery panels to the rod.  If you have a rod pocket or grommet curtain panels, rings are not needed.  Drapery pins are installed on the back of drapery panels.  The pins are placed in the bottom hole of the curtain rings.  Generally, you will need seven rings per single width drapery panel


Holdbacks are decorative ornaments to hold the curtains in place.  They are placed on the sides of the wall, and the curtains are tucked in neatly, holding them in position.  When you opt for custom drapery hardware, you have the option of getting matching holdbacks and finials.

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