Two-Story Window Treatments

Two-story window treatments may seem like a challenge at first, but after a design consultation with Drea’ Custom Designs, you will see that it is very easy to address. No matter how tall your windows are, the main issues are basically the same. Functionality and Design. With extra tall windows, functionality presents a slight challenge with many solutions.

two story curtains

Functional Two-Story Window Treatments

When addressing a two-story window, functionality is a factor for many. There are a few options to address very tall windows, but the most popular way is motorization. Drapery rods as well, and many window shades can operate with motorization. This will alleviate the need to climb two stories up to open and close your drapery panels. There are several motorization options, from simple remotes to window treatments that tie into your home automation system.

A less expensive option is also cord drawn traverse rods. This is very effective in curtains that are not very heavy. You simply pull a cord to open and close the curtains.

Two-Story Window Treatment Design

When designing window treatments for two story windows, keep in mind the area is larger than normal. Some patterns that are nice on a smaller scale can appear overbearing in larger scales. Solids work better in two-story window treatments.  

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