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Energy Efficient Window Treatments

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Do you have drafty windows on an older home, or just trying to reduce your energy savings?  Window treatments can reduce energy loss through your windows.  The results are lower heating and cooling bills and better comfort in your home year-round.  According to, approximately 30% of a homes heating system is lost through windows.  Also, in the summer, approximately 76% of sunlight that enters through a double pane window enters the home as heat.  Here we will look of some of the most energy efficient window treatments for your home.


cellular shades - energy efficient window blinds


Energy Efficient Cellular Shades


Cellular shades are rated as one of the top energy efficient window coverings.  They have one or two layers of cell pockets that look like honeycombs, which trap air.  Insulated cellular shade have the highest R values of all window coverings.   The most effective of this type is the top down bottom up shade.  This will allow you the most control to allow light into the home.  Cellular shades are a great option if you are looking for significant energy savings from window coverings.


Roller and Solar Shades - Energy efficient window blinds


Roller and Roman Shades


Roller and roman shades are custom designed to fit inside your windows dimensions.  This custom fit will allow better control of light that will enter your home.  Roman shades can also be made with the top down bottom up feature, to allow the best control of light into your home.  The thicker fabrics, or blackout options will provide the most energy efficiency.  This style is can also be very decorative as they are available in many modern and trendy prints as well as solids.


Solar Shades

Solar shades are another high energy efficient window treatment.  They come in various openness which allow for different degrees of visability as well as UV protection.  The greater the openness the looser the fabric weave is.  This will allow greater the visability but will also offer the lowest UV protection.  The lower the openness, the tighter the fabric weave will be.  This will allow for the losest visability, but will also allow the greatest UV protection.  The openness ranges from 3%-14%.  Solar shades are a great roller shade to pair with a decorative valance or side drapery panels to dress up the window.


Custom curtains and drapes


Curtains that are custom made to fit your window are very energy efficient.  When selecting curtains, allow extra width of a minimum of 6 inches on each side of the window, and four inches above the window and the length to reach the floor.  This custom fit will have the maximum coverage to block light.  Blackout lining will add the most energy efficiency with flannel linings and privacy linings coming in second.  During the heat of the day, close curtains to receive the most energy efficiency.


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