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Drapes vs Curtains

Many people question is there a difference between drapes and curtains. While both window treatments are quite similar, there is a difference between the two.  Curtains or curtain panels are less formal, and usually made from lighter weight fabrics.  They also do not have the different linings that are found in drapes.  Some examples of curtains are sheers, unlined light weight fabrics such as cottons, silk, or linen.  Another characteristic of curtains is the limited lengths they come in.  Most curtains can be found in 63" up to 84" in length. 

Drapes or drapery panels are more formal window treatments.  They are made from heavier designer fabrics and have a variety of linings.  They come in standard lengths up to 120" and can be custom made to extra long lengths.  Combining widths of fabric is common in drapery panels as well to create a perfect window treatment to fit any size window.

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