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Drapery Measurement Guide

How to Measure Your Windows for Drapes



Step 1Select Single Panel or Pair

Single Panel:

Select a single panel if you want one drapery panel to cover the entire width of your window.  This is most used in stationary or decorative drapery panels.


Select pair if you want two drapery panels to cover the entire width of your window.  This is most used in functional drapery panels that you intend to open and close frequently.  It is also used in decorative drapery panels.


Step 2.  Select Width

Measure the entire width that you want to be covered by the drapery panels.  Fullness is already added into the drapery panels. 

Tip:  If you already have your drapery rod installed, your width should be the same length as your drapery rod. 

Tip:  Whenever space permits, we recommend adding 6-12 inches to your total width.  This will make your room appear larger, as well as maintain as much natural light when the drapery panels are open.


Step 3.  Select Finished Length

This will be the finished length for your drapery panels.  Measure from the top of your drapery rod and finish wherever you would like your drapery panels to stop. 


Tip:  We recommend adding 1-3” to the length for uneven floors.