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Roman shades have been around for ages.  They have evloved over the years and are now featured in many modern designs.  Made from designer fabrics, roman shades can be used alone as a focal point for the window, are pair beautifully with a pair of drapery panels.  We offer a few of the classic styles of fabric shades.


The flat roman shades are extremely popular in modern designs today.  They offer a minimalist look, and provide privacy as well as energy efficiency.  They are fully functional, which will allow you to control the amount of light and privacy in the room at all times. 


Relaxed roman shades are still modern but transition very well into traditional homes as well.  They are also fully functioning shades, and offer a bit more to look at with the soft curve towards the bottom of the shade. 


Balloon shades are a timeless shade that has been around for ages.  Featured in many victorian homes, this shade has become increasingly popular in luxurious fabrics.  When raised the poofs at the bottom create a unique and formal look, which will work well in formal dining areas.  However, with linen fabrics, this shade will also look great in a kitchen window.


Austrian shades are very unique and beautiful.  The sheer fabrics are just enough to create privacy, but also allows plenty of light to enter the room.  This shade is stunning to look at and will serve well as a focal point on many windows. 


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