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Custom Balloon Shades

Custom Balloon Shades
Custom Balloon Shades
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  • Model: CBS
  • Weight: 5.00lb
  • Dimensions: 24.00in x 24.00in x 0.00in
  • SKU: CBS
  • MPN: SBS

Our custom balloon shades are most frequently described as beautiful and elegant.   They are available in a gorgeous designer silk dupioni fabric, trendy faux silks, and contemporary cotton.   Fully lined with our napped privacy lining, we also offer several optional including thick flannel interlining and blackout lining.   The balloon curtains are custom made to your exact specification right here in the USA.

These balloon shades are fully functioning window shades.  They are mounted on a solid plywood board which is covered with matching fabric.   To add flair and an even more elegant look to your shade, there is an option of a gorgeous beaded trim. This will definitely take your balloon curtain from a traditional window shade to a formal window treatment.  The balloon shade features hand sewn trim and hand sewn rings on the back of the shade for a truly professional touch.  

This window shade is perfect as a single shade or goes great paired with any of our custom curtains.   You can select a shirred heading or a pleated heading.  The shirred heading is gathered across the top of the shade and has an overall pouf appearance.  The pleated heading has a more formal appearance showcasing evenly placed inverted pleats across the top of the shade.  There is a permanent pouf sewn into the bottom of the balloon shade.  This ensures there is always fullness when the shade is completely lowered.   As the shade is raised higher, even more fullness appears.  Simple and easy to follow instructions are included with a picture diagram.  All of the hardware to install the shade including the screws and brackets are included as well.

  • Custom Balloon Shades
  • Exclusive Designer Fabrics
  • Reduces heating and cooling output
  • Rings and trim are hand sewn
  • Permanent balloon sewn at the bottom of the shade
  • Available in widths up to 103"
  • Available in lengths up to 108"
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Installation hardware included
  • Dry Clean

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What is a cord lock system?

A cord system is made with a cord lock and smooth pulleys that are mounted onto the bottom of a 1" x 2" wood headboard and positioned behind the shade.  The wood headboard is completely covered with coordinating face fabric.  The shade is mounted onto the wood headboard with concealed staples.  The shade is removable from the board as it is mounted with a velcro attachment.  To raise and lower the shade you pull down on a string that is positioned to the side of the shade.  To lock the shade in place, simply pull the string to the right to lock it in place.  


What is a continous clutch system?

A continuous clutch system is a low profile aluminum headrail.  The clutch drive and mechanism is self contained and concealed inside of the headrail.  The system is positioned behind the shade.  Your roman shade is attached to the headrail with a velcro loop tape which is extremely secure.  The clutch system uses a continuous looped beaded chain that allows you to lower and raise the shade effortlessly and evenly.  There is no need to pull any strings to the right to lock the shade.


Are you roman shades safe for kids and pets?

All of our custom shadews are manufactured in accordance with the latest safety standards as set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Window Covering Manufacturers Association.  All roman shades are made with a shroud located on the back of the shades to prevent hazardous loops from forming with the cords on the back.  As part of the compliance for the child safety standards set by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, Inc all shades with loose cords in the back require this shroud.  For enhanced safety we offer cordless shades on some of our custom roman shades.  Motoriziation is also available upon request.  All products that are delivered come with the appropriate safety warning labels.


How easy are the shades to install, or will I need to hire an installer?

Our shades are very easy to install.  Each shade comes with easy to follow instructions with a diagram to assist you with the install.  All of the hardware is included from the brackets to the screws.  All you will need is a screwdriver or power drill.  Most customers are able to install the shades themselves.  For our larger shades, be sure to have some assistance as they tend to be a little more difficult with a heavier weight.


How do I measure my windows for my custom shades?

First determine if you prefer inside or outside mount.


For inside mount follow these instructions:  You will need a depth of at least 2" if you use the standard cod lock, and 3" if you select the continous clutch system.  Because most windows are not perfect, we recommend measuring your window in three places; Across the top, accross the middle, and accross the bottom of the window.  Take the largest of the three measurements, this will be your width for inside mount.  Do not take any deductions as we will take the appropriate deduction based on the fabric used in your shade.  

To measure your length, follow the above instructions but from the top of the window sill to the bottom of the window.  Measure in three places, to the left, the right and the center of the window.  Take the longest measurement to get your finished length.


Follow these instructions for outside mount:  Measure the width of the space you would like to cover.  If space permits, we recommend adding an additional 2 inches to each side of the shade.  Take this measurement, and this will be your width.  

To measure the length, measure the entire length that you want to be covered.  Again if space permits, we recommend installing the shade 2 inches above the window sill or higher.  Take this measurement, and this will be your length.


How do I clean my shades?

We recommend that you vacuum your shades periodically to keep them free from dust and debis.  In the even that they become stained, dry cleaning is recommended.  We only recommend you take them to a professional dry cleaner who specializes in custom window treatments.

How to Place an Order Online:

This item is custom made to order.  Please complete the information on the product screen and request a quote. Be sure to include everything to receive an accurate quote. Once the quote has been received, an estimate will be emailed to you at the email address you provide. Additional instructions will be provided in the email to complete the process.


Lead Time:

This item is custom made to order.  The normal lead time is 4-6 weeks.  During peak seasons the lead time is extended to 4-8 weeks.  If you need your custom order before this time, please contact custom service for information on a rush order.  Additional rush fee applies.



All custom orders ship free via Fedex Ground anywhere in the USA.  Express and Next Day shipping is available at additional cost.  All orders outside of the USA will incur a shipping charge.  Oversize packages may incur additional shipping cost.  Please contact custom service if you would like to request express or next day shipping.



This item is custom made to order, no returns are permitted.  Exceptions include fabrication defects.  In the event that we ship an item that has fabrication defects, we will remake your order at no addtional cost. Remakes are made to the orginal order specifications.  Claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of your order.