Warm Mediterranean Interiors

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Mediterranean style interior design evokes the romance and profusion of colors, textures, tiles and carefree like style. Mediterranean style refers to the design style of the south of France, Spain, Italy and isles of Greece. One of the oldest areas of civilization, this is a culturally vibrant region. This region is known for its turquoise waters, sparkling sunlit days, vibrant produce and flowers and the ancient colors of stones and the ruins of civilizations long past. The Mediterranean house is a domain of the senses, carefree and casual, emphasizing the colors and textures found in the surrounding landscape. Nature is apparent in the architectural elements.

Developing a Mediterranean style interior design is an easy way to bring a southern European feel to your home.  
  • Terra cotta tiles, rough-cut stone and pine wood are all used liberally.
  •  Rough plastered walls are painted in bright matte white, for a cool, clean and uncluttered feeling, contrasting against natural wood beams. 
  •  Use layers of paint and glaze, hand rubbed on the plaster or sand-textured wall to add visual depth. 
  •  Blue accents-echoing the omnipresent sea are popular, including shades of azure and turquoise. In the south of France, the hallmark colors are more muted-almond greens, soft lavender-blue and turtle-dove grays. In Italy and Spain, colors are slightly warmer including sun baked oranges, dark organic yellows, wine-dark reds and earthy browns, sometimes coupled with contrasting glazed wall tiles in blue and deep greens. 
Mediterranean-style furniture reflects the casual lifestyle of the community of the Mediterranean as well. 
  • Light pine furniture is a signature of the design style that need not be expensive.
  • Charming pine furnishings are some of the least expensive and for just the price of a tub of plaster an ordinary kitchen or porch can be transformed into an Italian seaside villa. 
With a little time and patience, your home can become a colorful and soulful European hideaway. 


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