Energy Efficient Custom Roman Shades

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Custom Roman Shades

With the rocky economy, and rising cost all around, we all need to find ways to cut back.  One of the easiest ways to save extra cash is too cut back on our energy expenditures.   Custom roman shades are a relatively inexpensive option to cut down energy cost. Insulated roman shades can reduce the heat in the summer and block out the chilly drafts in the winter. Let’s take a look at a few fabric shades that are decorative and energy efficient.

Custom Roman Shades | Relaxed Roman Shade

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a very simply ideal solution to consider. They are uncomplicated and extremely versatile. The structured flat roman shade has several rear facing pleats in the back of the shade which allows the shade to fold beautifully when raised up and down. When constructed with a stiffer fabric such as linen, jacquards, and cottons, the shade will have a tailored look. When using softer fabrics such as silk, sheers, or light weight polyesters, the shade will take on a more relaxed look. Lining this shade with a sateen lining, dimout lining, or a blackout lining will provide maxium energy efficiency.
Austrian Shades | Sheer Austrian Shades

Austrian Shades

The Austrian shades are a very elaborate fabric shade.   When this shade is lowered, they look very similar to a typical curtain. When they are raised, they fabric draws upward in deep scallops.   Austrian shades are typically made with sheers, or other light weight fabrics such as light weight silks.  Look for a suede lining in this shade to cut back on the drafts in the winter.  Pairing this shade with a beautiful set of drapery panels or even used alone will look fantastic.
Custom Balloon Shades | Balloon Curtains

Balloon Shades

The balloon shade is more formal than the roman shade. It has box pleats approximately 15” apart at the top and a waterfall of balloon shaped poufs at the bottom. Soft pliable fabrics work best with this shade, although heavier fabrics can be used as well.  Because of the amount of fabric it takes to construct this shade, the balloon shades are pretty heavy. When optioning for this shade, be sure that the shade is lined preferably with a semi-blackout lining. This will cut back on the energy cost.

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