Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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3 Crucial Design Elements for Your Bedroom

One of the most important decorating task is decorating your bedroom.   Your bedroom is the place where you retreat for relaxation, peace, and romance. With all this mind, remember that result should produce an atmosphere of similar results. To ensure a satisfying design, we will work with three crucial design elements; space planning, color, and decoration.


Upscale Bedroom Design


Space Planning When Designing Your Bedroom:


When it comes to space planning, symmetry is the most important factor.  First you should consider the size of your room before placing items into the room to ensure the space will not be congested. The bedroom is your personal space of peace and should not be cluttered with too many objects.  In addition, the size of the room will dictate the size of the bedroom furniture. For most rooms, add a queen size bed and decorate around this piece of furniture. If space permits, add a small end table to both sides of the bed. If space is limited, add only one end table to either side of your preference. Here you can add personal items to reflect your personal style. Finally family photos or a nice decorative table lamp will be nice on the end table.


Decorate with Colors:


Colors play such an important role in decorating a room. Each individual color changes the tone and atmosphere of the room. Since we are designing a bedroom, most people tend to stick with light blues, grays, and softer neutrals like beige. Each of these colors will help calm the energy in the room. If you have a daring personality you can reflect that by adding a dash of a brighter color. You can do this by making one wall a much darker version of your existing paint color to make a focal wall. You can also add a designer pillow in the center of the bed with some bold colors. Another option is to add a bold color accent chair in a corner of the room.   Adding subtle and balanced colors to the room that will  reflect your lifestyle and interests.


Decorate with Accessories:


Fun pieces can add a bit of spice in your decoration.  Add fun and interesting abstract art pieces to the room.  Fresh flowers arranged in a vase or a live plant is great bedroom decorations.  Additionally, a large mirror above the center of the bed will make the room appear larger.  Whatever you decide, be certain to not go overboard with too many decorating pieces. The main goal of the bedroom is for avoid clutter to enhance the level of comfort in your tranquil space.



Curtains with blackout prove most helpful in bedrooms. Blackout curtains will block out sunlight first thing in the morning and aid in longer sleep. If you are lucky enough to have ample closet space, this would be a nice place to store your dresser. You will have the benefit of all the extra storage without having it take up the space in the bedroom. Subtle lighting with the help of a dimmer switch is helpful in a few ways. It will enhance the romantic feeling in the room, as well as serve as focused light for someone who likes to read without disturbing someone sleeping in the room.

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