Ulitmate Support with Lumbar Pillows

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Homemakers generally seek the expertise of custom pillow companies to uniquely design cushions either for decorative or functional use. Over time, accent pillows have served not only the clients’ need for an aesthetic home furnishing item, but more importantly addressed the need for practical pillows which provide comfort and are designed to specifically correct spine and back problems.


Lumbar pillows are one of the most popular custom pillows which combine both the decorative and functional benefits of these home furnishing items. The subsequent sections detail the basics of lumbar cushions and some of the characteristics which homemakers like about this product.

Lumbar Pillows

What are Lumbar Pillows?

Lumbar is a concept originating from the field of human anatomy. The lumbar region refers to the lower spine or that area in the human torso between the diaphragm and pelvis. Lumbar pillow is called as such because of its primary use of providing support to the lumbar region or the lower spine. Lumbar pillows are rectangular cushions, with a contour or protruding face. Lumbar cushions are used as a back rest where the contoured region naturally fits the curve of the lower back. Full versions of this pillow normally provide support from the shoulder region down to the spine area. Portable lumbar cushions on the other hand, are much smaller and thus cover only the lower half of the torso.

In the medical field, lumbar support cushions are used as rehabilitation products to address back and spine problems or to reduce pain on the lower back because of long hours of sitting. These lumbar cushions are known for their ergonomic benefits of alleviating and preventing strain especially in situations where prolonged hours of sitting are inevitable.


Lumbar Pillow Choices for a Variety of Tastes

Custom lumbar pillows can be created depending on the different versions of this product. These lumbar cushions may vary in terms of appearance, size or degree of contour, but they serve the same purpose of providing comfort specifically to the lumbar region. The different custom lumbar pillow versions are the following:

  1. Decorative lumbar cushions – are made-to-order pillows which put a lot of importance on the design of the fabric covering or other details such as the cording. Decorative lumbar cushions follow the standard style of lumbar pillows and are made extra special because of the personalized covering or pillow case as chosen by the client. Decorative cushions are usually attached to sofas or back rests of chairs to provide comfort in the sitting room.
  2. Orthopedic lumbar pillows – are much simpler in appearance as they are custom-built depending on the back or spine support specifications of the client. Orthopedic pillows are made with great care and if possible, with guidance of medical experts to accurately reflect the cushion height and curvature intended for the specific user.
  3. Inflatable or travel lumbar pillow – are the smaller, more compact and portable version of lumbar pillows. Portable lumbar cushions can be used in the car, in airplanes or even in the office. Inflatable lumbar pillows are suitable for users-on-the-go since these pillows are not bulky and can be conveniently stowed in the bag or luggage.

Custom lumbar pillows combine both function and style and allow users to be creative and practical as well. For interested homemakers looking for the best pillow type for their home, lumbar pillows might be the perfect choice – not only do they look simple and elegant, lumbar cushions also provide the needed relief for long hours of sitting.

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