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11 Jan Decorating with Drapery Trim
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Custom window treatments are not considered completed until drapery trim is applied. Such small accessories create a great difference when chosen carefully. Look at the amazingly and creatively designed trims that accentuate the beauty of any interior decoration. Read through this article fully to l..
11 Jan Blackout Curtains vs Thermal Curtains
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Linings play a very important role in creating window coverings.   The lining role is much more than for cosmetic purposes.   They can act an insulator creating thermal curtains. They can also act as a shield from the light creating blackout curtains. And finally they can act as a sound barrier crea..
11 Jan Energy Efficient Custom Roman Shades
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Custom Roman Shades With the rocky economy, and rising cost all around, we all need to find ways to cut back.  One of the easiest ways to save extra cash is too cut back on our energy expenditures.   Custom roman shades are a relatively inexpensive option to cut down energy cost. Insulated roman sh..
11 Jan Update Your Space with Animal Prints
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Warm up your décor this winter with exotic animal prints.  Many décor styles can incorporate animal themes.  Animal décor can work well with contemporary décor, as well as ethnic and traditional styles.  Let’s take a look at how this style can work for you.   Animal themes can be introduced in dif..
19 Dec Wood Blinds an Alternative Window Treatment
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Are you looking for a way to spice up your home? If so, wood blinds may be the answer. To many, wood may not seem to be appealing or charming. Perhaps one may think of the 60’s and 70’s craze of wood paneling. However, the new millennium is here, and wood is in! Wood blinds are a great alternative f..
19 Dec Thermal Drapes and Shades
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One of the best ways to save energy bills is by installing thermal drapes.  Old or drafty windows and doors are one of the most wasteful energy outlets.  Installing thermal drapes will help keep your house cool during summer and warm during winter.  With todays modern designs, there are tons of opt..
19 Dec Warm Mediterranean Interiors
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Mediterranean style interior design evokes the romance and profusion of colors, textures, tiles and carefree like style. Mediterranean style refers to the design style of the south of France, Spain, Italy and isles of Greece. One of the oldest areas of civilization, this is a culturally vibrant regi..
19 Dec Color Sets the Mood
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You’re ready to take that step and put some fresh color on the walls. With all the different choices available, which color will you choose? What shades? Well, before you make that final decision, consider how colors can actually change your space and the overall mood of your room.   Red Red is t..
19 Dec 5 Top Faux Painting Techniques
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Faux painting, a decorative hand-created painting technique, has become very popular in interior designs. It captures warmth of textiles, depth, texture and blends of light and color to create one of a kind wall treatments for your home or office. There are numerous techniques, but we will look at f..
19 Dec Feng Shui Princples
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Feng Shui is known as "Kan-Yu" which means "The Law of Heaven and Earth." It is an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. This is a discipline with guidelines that are compatible with many techniques of agricultural planning as well as..
19 Dec How to Select Area Rugs
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There is a rich history of area rugs. Area rugs and various construction techniques have spread throughout the world. Persian and Oriental rugs have been widely produced and used in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. Due to the high demand and price, they were available to average European and ..
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