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31 Dec Styling Your Home with French Country Decor
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The French country style of décor incorporates warmth and comfort with American country décor. There are many elements that derive the French country style. The main elements are rustic, old world, with a touch of elegance. Rustic furniture is paired with fabrics that feature beautiful, earthy color..
24 May 4 Quick Pops of Color To Liven Your Space
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Are you bored with your existing space?  Does it have little or no life, and is screaming for some decorating?  Whether it is your home, an office, or an entry way, adding a pop of color is a sure way to add life to the space.  Many people overuse neutral colors in their home to keep it safe.  Being..
16 Jan Top Modern Decor Decorating Tips
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Everyone loves that wonderful time of redecorating.  Maybe it is time to redecorate your entire home or maybe just an entire room.  Whatever the саѕе may be, changing the decor in уоur hоmе with mоdеrn decor tо be in tunе with thе рrеѕеnt timеѕ will dеfinitеlу bе thе аttrасtiоn. Shоррing for nеw аnd..
11 Jan Update Your Space with Animal Prints
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Warm up your décor this winter with exotic animal prints.  Many décor styles can incorporate animal themes.  Animal décor can work well with contemporary décor, as well as ethnic and traditional styles.  Let’s take a look at how this style can work for you.   Animal themes can be introduced in dif..
19 Dec Warm Mediterranean Interiors
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Mediterranean style interior design evokes the romance and profusion of colors, textures, tiles and carefree like style. Mediterranean style refers to the design style of the south of France, Spain, Italy and isles of Greece. One of the oldest areas of civilization, this is a culturally vibrant regi..
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