When selecting your window treatments, there are several options available.  Why limit yourself to what your local department store has to offer.  With the vast variety of window sizes on homes today, you may need to look a little bit further and select custom curtains.  Custom curtains from a local interior designer of your choice, or an online retailer will open your selections.  There is no limit to the widths and lengths of your panels, where as many department stores will limit your sizes to one width and lengths up to 96”.

Custom Size Curtains

When selecting your new window treatments, look for quality over pricing.  Quality curtains will have buckram headings, doubled blind stitched hems, and a maximum pleat spacing of four inches to ensure the drapery pleats hang nicely from top to bottom.  If you are purchasing silk drapery panels, thick flannel interlining must be included in between the sateen lining.  This extra layer of protection will not only give your panels a nice full plush look, but it will also lengthen the life of your draperies and curtains by protecting them from damaging UV rays.  This will also prevent fading and rotting of your beautiful silk fabric.


Another great option is faux silk drapes.  There are so many beautiful affordable options when it comes to faux silk curtains.  You can choose from solid silks that mimic silk taffeta or silk dupioni.  There are endless options in patterned and textured embroidered faux silks.  With the advanced textiles, the faux silks are so beautiful you would swear they were real silk fabrics.  Thick flannel interlinings and sateen linings are still required to give the plush full look.  However, the flannel interlining is not need, as faux silks will not deteriorate like real silk fabrics would.


Other options would be linen, velvet, or cotton drapery panels.  Again, endless looks can be created with designing your custom curtains as the textile options are endless.  All of these fabrics are available in solids, textures, embroidered, and patterned designs.  Regardless of what your personal style reflects or the size of your windows, custom curtains are a great option for your window treatments.