Silk Versus Faux Silk

One of our most frequently asked questions when selecting custom drapes is which fabric should I choose.  Silk or Faux Silk?  Both of the curtains look stunning, so what are the main differences.  Here we will break down the main pros and cons to both of the fabrics, which should help you make the best decision in selecting your custom curtains.




Silk Fabric

Silk is made from a natural protein fiber produced by silkworms.  It has a natural beautiful sheen and is very strong.  However, because it is a natural made fabric, it is harmed by the UV rays when placed in direct sunlight.  This is very important because if your window treatments will be placed on a window that receives partial or direct sunlight, there is great chance that your curtains will dry rot.  This can take place as early as six months depending on the amount of sunlight the curtains will receive throughout the day.  


To alleivate this problem, we use extra linings when creating your window treatments.  All of our curtains are lined with a heavy weight sateen privacy lining.  In addition, we add a thick flannel interlining in between our silk curtains to add extra protection against the UV rays.  These layers of interlining will add years to the life of your silk window treatments, in addition to the luxuruois plush look.


Custom Silk Curtains


Faux Silk

Faux silk fabrics are made from polyester, which is a man made product.  This fabric also has a beautiful sheen, and a nice firm weight.  The benefit of this material is it will not rot when exposed to direct sunlight. With these window treatments, you can get away with less linings.  We add a heavy weight sateen lining for privacy and fullness to our faux silk window treatments.  A thick flannel interlining can be added as well, but this is strickly for the plush look.


If deciding between the two fabrics when selecting your window treatments, ask yourself this question.  Will my window treatments be exposed to paritial or direct sunlight for an extened period of the day?  Once this is determined, you can move forward with deciding on the color of your window treatments.  Both silks and faux silks are available in a wide variety of colors, and both window treatments can have that plush luxurious finished look that you are after.


Faux Silk Drapes