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03 Jan Cellular Shades - One of the Top Insulation Window Treatments
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There are many ways to keep your home well insulated. Proper fitting window treatments are one of the best ways to keep your windows well insulated. Window treatments can reduce energy loss through your windows.  The results are lower heating and cooling bills and better comfort in your home year-ro..
29 Jul Natural Elements in Woven Shades
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Natural woven shades are a great way to add natural elements into your space while still having privacy and light control.  Many natural materials are used in natural shades, including jute, bamboo, grass, and reeds.  The finished product is a shade that will compliment just about any area in your h..
01 Sep Decorating Your Teens Room
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When decorating your home, one of the best rooms to decorate will be your teenagers’ room.  Most likely, your teens room has not been decorated since they were a small child.  There will be plenty of fun updates that will transform this room from a small child's room to a fun space your teen will lo..
16 Aug Plantation Shutter Styles
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Indoor plantation shutters are a very popular style.  They can be viewed in many homes here in New Orleans, as they are a deep part of the city’s heritage.  Shutters are made from both wood and composite, or faux wood materials.  This allows for an option in almost any home.  There are a few shutter..
04 Jul What pillows are best for your space
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Custom Pillows can add elegance and beauty to your home.  They add color, theme and shape to any room decor.  Whether is is a modern theme, or an antique look you are going for, pillows elevate the charm and feel to your home decor.  With so many pillows available, how do you know what pillows are ..
04 Jun Endless options with Custom Size Curtains
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When selecting your window treatments, there are several options available.  Why limit yourself to what your local department store has to offer.  With the vast variety of window sizes on homes today, you may need to look a little bit further and select custom curtains.  Custom curtains from a loca..
07 Sep Silk vs Faux Silk
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Silk Versus Faux Silk One of our most frequently asked questions when selecting custom drapes is which fabric should I choose.  Silk or Faux Silk?  Both of the curtains look stunning, so what are the main differences.  Here we will break down the main pros and cons to both of the fabrics, which sho..
24 May 4 Quick Pops of Color To Liven Your Space
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Are you bored with your existing space?  Does it have little or no life, and is screaming for some decorating?  Whether it is your home, an office, or an entry way, adding a pop of color is a sure way to add life to the space.  Many people overuse neutral colors in their home to keep it safe.  Being..
03 Apr Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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3 Crucial Design Elements for Your Bedroom One of the most important decorating task is decorating your bedroom.   Your bedroom is the place where you retreat for relaxation, peace, and romance. With all this mind, remember that result should produce an atmosphere of similar results. To ensure a ..
01 Apr 7 Essential Tips for Decorating a Small Room
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Not everyone is blessed with spacious echoed hallways, expansive hallways with 30 foot dining tables or master bedrooms with a super size four poster bed. Most of us have to settle with small, cramped apartments. Here are some crucial secrets to decorating to get the most out of any small space.   ..
21 Feb Transform the Energy in Your Home
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Thе main gоаl оf Fеng Shui is to сrеаtе a balance between thе еlеmеntѕ in уоur еnvirоnmеnt and to produce роѕitivе еnеrgу оr Chi. Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood are all elements in the environment.  Color and texture are the extensions of each element.  Fеng Shui dесоrаting can be an affordable..
26 Jan Decorating with Accent Pillows
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Picture a bare room. The curve or clean lines of its cornice and doorjambs as well as the wall color defines its form. Furniture pieces introduce structure, lighting gives depth, and soft furnishings add texture. An “essential extra” that can influence all of the above are custom pillows. With its i..
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