Beautiful Designer Accent Pillows

Every now and then, everyone wants a little change.  After all, the same scenery day after day can become quite mudane.  Accent pillows are a great way to quickly update and freshen up your decor.  There are a few things you should consider when selecting new accent pillows.  Consider the space they will be placed, the existing decor in the space, and the size of the existing furniture in the space.

The size of the pillows will be determined by your existing furniture.  Whether you are placing pillows on accent chairs, dining room chairs, bedding, or your sofa, the size should coincide with your existing pieces.  Lumbar pillows and boudior pillows are great for accent chairs and dining room chairs.  Standard lumbar size pillows range from 14" x 18" up to 16" x 34".  Custom sizes can be made as well.  Square pillows work best for sofas and bedding.  Standard square pillows are anywhere from 18" x 18" up to 30" x 30".  Larger pillows work best on larger sofas and bedding and create a really comfy feel.  Bolster pillows are another great option for bedding.  Bolster pillows come in a variety of sizes that will accomodate your bed size.  For example, 9" x 24" bolsters look great on twin size beds whille 9" x 48" are perfect for queen size beds.

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