Balloon Shade Curtains

Balloon shades are one of the most eye catching window shades.  They are functional, and still provide an extreme amount of energy efficinency.  Here at  Drea’ Custom Designs we offer the balloon shade in a varitey of fabric options.

Balloon Shade Curtains

We have the Silk balloon shade.  This shade is made with 100% silk dupioni fabrics.  We have a smooth silk and a textured silk as well as both plaid and stripe silk options.  This shade is fully lined with thick flannel interlining as well as privacy or blackout lining.  With the amount of fabric used to make this shade, they are pretty heavy, but extrmely energy efficient.

Custom Balloon Shades 

We also have a faux silk version of our balloon shade curtain.  This shade is made from either faux silk tafetta which creates a very stunning transedent shade and is our best selling balloon shade.  We also offer the faux ballon shade in beautiful embroidery prints. 


Each shade is offered with either shirred or pleated heading.  The shirred versions is very full and flowing at the top and look great in a formal dining or living area.  The pleated version is a tailored version of the same shade, and will look great in a more traditional living or bedroom area.  


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